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Paragon by JediMasterEeth

Looks pretty spot-on. If she's going to be debuting in 1975, you might want to add some 70's flair. A patriotic heroine is almost certa...


Grace Lam by Pol-Rua
Grace Lam
Recently, I've been playing a pen-and-paper RPG where the PCs are teenaged students at a school for superhumans. My character is Grace Lam, the daughter of a minor 1990's supervillain. She's kind of a scrappy rockabilly tomboy with a surly, anti-authoritarian attitude who's maybe watched a few too many Cagney films. After a succession of schools and 'incidents' involving violence or the use of her powers, she's been sent to the Eisner Academy, which is her last chance.
If she flunks out there, her next stop is Juvie.
She has the power to jury rig gadgets and gizmos out of whatever she can find to hand, or to 'turbo-charge' existing technology to push it beyond its limits. She also carries a 'lucky' wrench which she calls Verna, which she's been known to use in combat situations.
As an aside, this picture of Grace was my first drawing of 2016.
Violet Troy by Pol-Rua
Violet Troy
Recently, I've been playing a new role-playing game where the PCs are teenage students at a school for superhumans. One of the PCs, played by my friend Ali, is Violet, who is a very proper young English Lady with the power to manipulate the emotions of those around her. She inherited her powers from a family treasure - an ancient Egyptian amulet sacred to the goddess Hathor.
Golden Age Atom (Lucha-style) by Pol-Rua
Golden Age Atom (Lucha-style)
I've always been a fan of Al Pratt, DC's Golden Age Atom, especially his original costume, which is more than reminiscent of your classic luchador's outfit. I decided I'd see if I could tweak it some and make it even more lucha-riffic, and this is the first result. 
Also, this was my final drawing of 2015. 
Dwarfie by Pol-Rua
A character from my current tabletop roleplaying game, a swashbuckling fantasy of sky piracy and high adventure, and quartermaster and boatswain of the skyship 'Salvatore'. 
In the campaign world, Dwarves are extinct, after the destruction of their home cloud-island, and the low birth-rate amongst their people, however, their artefacts still exist, scattered across the world. The human scholar who is known only as 'Dwarfie' is dedicated to gathering information about them. To that end, he built a large, if ramshackle museum dedicated to Dwarven Culture and Technology. He's somewhat eccentric (as can be seen by the fact that he is almost never seen without his false beard made, he claims, of the hair of genuine dwarves!) but a dedicated academic. 
After his museum was destroyed by marauding soldiers, he gathered what remained of his collection of artefacts and agreed to accompany the crew, lending us his aptitude for cataloging and organization.
Princess 001 by Pol-Rua
Princess 001
A character from my current tabletop roleplaying game, a swashbuckling fantasy of sky piracy and high adventure, and crewmember of the skyship 'Salvatore'. 
When the crew were shipwrecked on a mysterious jungle island, they encountered a tribe of small, fierce humanoids who, while initially hostile, eventually proved invaluable in avoiding the ever-present dangers of the island's fierce predators and deadly plantlife. After the crew discovered and repaired the wreck which would eventually becomes the Skyship 'Salvatore', a number of these humanoids decided to accompany the crew on further adventures. 
The most fierce of them, who adopted the name Princess, took on the role of ship's cook and has since proven, in addition to being a superlative if idiosyncratic cook, a holy terror in boarding actions and shipboard combat.


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Current Residence: Munky theme-park inside me brain!
Skin of choice: Currently dressed as a human, but still a munky inside
Personal Quote: "Science!!"

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